Quality Backlinks for SEO

Getting quality backlinks is key to ranking and improving your website’s SEO. The quality of those backlinks is perhaps most important. You may be asking yourself, what makes a backlink have high quality? The simple answer is that the referring domain (the website linking to you) needs to have authority and trust.

The old adage of “quality over quantity” is most definitely true in regard to backlinks. In order to improve your rankings you will not only need backlinks, but those that come from domains with authority and high domain ratings. Domain authority / rating is perhaps one of the most important factors in backlink related search ranking.

Improving a domain’s authority and rating and trust is not an easy (or quick) task. It usually comes gradually and with time. Aged domains, with good content, and a history of trust are typically going to have higher domain rating and authority. This can make things difficult if you’re trying to rank your new site quickly. Getting a backlink from a trusted domain is going to be one of your best options.

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